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Bible Study 9:30

Morning Worship 10:45
Evening Worship 6:00


Fellowship 7:00

Twin Branch Bible Church

3807 Vistula Road

Mishawaka, Indiana 46544




"To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen."

1 Timothy 1:17

It is nothing short of amazing how churches portray themselves--or, more to the point, how people portray churches that are competing for your attendance.

We have no desire to "compete" with other churches. Nor do we want to build "our church" at the expense of other churches in the area. But we would have potential visitors know in advance what they can expect when they attend one of our gatherings.

We strive to be a God-centered assembly of Christians. We desire that our corporate and personal worship be fixed on Jesus Christ, who is God: self-revealed in human flesh and blood. We are working to exclude everything from our worship that distracts from Jesus Christ.

We have not achieved this yet, and perhaps we never will in this present world. But it is our controlling desire to make our times together entirely God-ward. Does this mean that we do not care about the needs of people?

Of course we care. Worship, however, is about God and what he requires from those who would worship him correctly (that is, with a worship that God himself approves of). And there is no greater need pressing upon men and women, young and old, than the need to give God the worship that he requires.

It is a radical idea in the present age of self-absorption and preoccupation with felt needs and personal preferences. When people are "big" and God is "small," worship becomes nothing more than an extension of a self-made religion where self is the highest value and preeminent object of worship.

In recent years companies competing for your patronage have sought to reinforce the importance of you, to make you feel good about doing business with them and not their competitors, to make you want to come back again and again, rather than look for a new place to shop, eat or purchase services. Everything is about you. Even the Army is about you being "all that you can be."

The worship of God is decidedly not about you. It is deliberately about God. We gather to grow in the wisdom and understanding of who God is. We believe God has revealed himself in his written word, the Holy Bible. The Bible is about Jesus Christ. It is about the kind of God that God is. We enter into worship to make much of God. Worship that has not this driving force is simply not worship that God accepts. And God has already made it clear in his own word what he requires of those who would worship him. Worship is neither traditional nor modern (whatever these words mean). Worship is required to be in accordance with who God has revealed himself to be in his written word (the Bible).

God has acted for our reconciliation to him--sinners who have rebelled against him but have been reconciled to him by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. We are the recipients of God's saving love and gracious forgiveness. But even this is not about us, but about answering the question, What kind of God is God who loves even his enemies to the point of sending his own Son to endure the penalty for their sin against him?

With open Bibles we seek as best we can to exclude all distractions from Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord. Have we accomplished this? No. But you should know that this is our driving desire and intent. We invite you to join us if this is what you're looking for in a church.