Looking for a church? -pt. 2

What confusion there is in the world regarding the church! To the onlooker it must seem like a hopeless array of religions represented around the world. Wars have been fought and countless lives have been taken in the name of religion. We can well understand what the history of religion has deposited on the souls of both skeptics and outright opponents of religion.

In numbers beyond calculation, men and women throughout history have raised their objections and rooted their excuses in something they see with their eyes: the conduct of other men and women who make religion taste like a bitter poison.

Tragically, all religion seems to get lumped together until the distinctions between the various religions are very hard to see. This kind of deception is actually quite brilliant--if your predetermination is to feel free of all responsibility where religion is concerned.

As there is only one God, so there is only one true religion: the religion that has this one God as the only object of worship and allegiance. Pluralists, however, condemns this notion as arrogantly exclusivist. Multiculturalists become incensed over the inherent sentiments of superiority implied by those who attach “only” to their religious requirements. But the worldview engendered by the Bible must stand apart and distinct from the worldviews engendered by human wisdom. There is no way around the truth here.

But that’s the problem. Truth. The relativist abhors the notion of the truth. Truth is culturally conditioned. It is relative to the beliefs of individual cultures and individual people within the same culture. This worldview has rained death and destruction down upon multiplied societies that can no longer make definitive judgments about human behavior. It is difficult to exaggerate the mess we began to make for ourselves the moment we made truth a matter of choice. Tragically, however, there is not the least indication that we will ever come to our senses and find our way back to the reasoning we’ve long since left behind. It would not be an evil intent to say that our stupidity will become our doom. It is nothing short of insanity to advocate for relativism as a viable worldview.

In an otherwise warm and fairly innocuous film, “Miracle on 34th Street,” the lawyer defending the store Santa Claus in a New York courtroom captures a nonsensical idea sneaking in through an emotional drama: “I would ask the court to consider what is better: a lie that draws a smile, or a truth that draws a tear.” Follow the trajectory of this infantile thinking! It doesn’t really require a keen philosophical mind.

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